A Basic Oral Cancer Screening Is Included in Your Regular Dental Checkup

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Here at Groover Family Dentistry, our routine dental checkup includes a basic oral cancer screening. This treatment is a quick examination of your tongue, throat, face, and neck for any signs of swelling or abnormal discoloration. It’s a good idea to let our team know about any increased risk factors for oral cancer you might have. Early detection of oral cancer greatly improves treatment options and success rates.

Research conducted by the American Dental Association reports that each year one in 92 adults are diagnosed with some form of oral cancer. While the average age of detection is 62 years old, increased risk factors, such as a family history of oral cancer, tobacco use, and alcohol abuse, increase your chances of developing oral cancer earlier.

If you have questions or concerns about oral cancer in Savannah, GA, or if you’ve noticed any abnormal swelling, pain or redness in your mouth or throat, you should not delay in having it professionally examined. Be sure to let your dentist, Dr. Groover, know about any risk factors you might have.

If you have questions or concerns about oral cancer, or if you are due for your next dental checkup, you should contact us at 912-354-9541 to set up an appointment.