What is gum disease?
Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is a degenerative condition that affects the gums and soft tissues of the mouth, and is caused by bacteria in plaque. As plaque and tartar (hardened plaque) build up on the teeth, the bacteria irritate and inflame the gum tissues. If allowed to progress untreated, this condition may result in a receding gum line, tooth loss, and bone loss. Furthermore, untreated periodontal disease has been linked to serious health conditions such as diabetes, pregnancy complications, heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure.

How do you treat gum disease?
Because gum disease may lead to serious problems with your oral and overall health, it is important to seek proper care. Periodontal care is based on the severity of the condition and may include improvements to your at-home dental hygiene, additional professional cleanings, or deep cleanings known as scaling and root planing. In addition, Dr. Michael J. Groover may recommend ARESTIN®.

What is ARESTIN®?
ARESTIN is an antibiotic treatment for gum disease in Savannah, Georgia. The ARESTIN treatment involves wearing mouth guards filled with a special medication that kills bacteria that may linger and worsen the condition. ARESTIN can be used to both treat and prevent periodontal disease.

To learn more about ARESTIN and the other ways our dentist treats periodontal disease, we encourage you to contact us today at Groover Family Dentistry. We look forward to hearing from you soon.