A Bridge Restores the Function of Multiple Missing Teeth

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Missing multiple teeth in one area of your mouth, can severely compromise your ability to chew food and could even cause you to slur your speech. It’s also worth noting that if the area is not addressed the surrounding teeth will likely start to twist and migrate to compensate for the void, leading to a host of alignment issues. In a situation like this your dentist can fit for a bridge.

For all intents and purposes a bridge mimics the appearance of your natural teeth. It also effectively restores the structure in that area. Being fitted for a bridge requires two separate procedures.

The first procedure has your dentist create a pair of abutments to anchor the bridge. They do this by removing the majority of enamel from the two nearest teeth. They take an impression of the area, including your bite pattern. This is sent to a laboratory where your permanent bridge is made. At the end of the procedure they cover the abutments with a pair of temporary crowns, meant to protect them.

At the brief second appointment, Dr. Groover removes the temporary crowns and cements the permanent bridge onto the abutments. With proper care and cleaning your new bridge should last for many years to come.

If you have lost two or more teeth in one part of your mouth, or you have questions about a bridge, please feel free to call Groover Family Dentistry at 912-354-9541 located in Savannah, Georgia to schedule an appointment.