A Crown Can Restore Cosmetic Appeal

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If you have one or more teeth in your smile that has been damaged by chips, fractures or bite alignment issues, it might leave you feeling self-conscious about your smile. In some cases, the teeth in your smile can be improved by dental veneers. However, if a tooth has too much damage in the enamel or a large, old filling, your dentist might recommend the tooth be cosmetically and functionally restored with a crown.

A crown is basically an artificial tooth anchored on an abutment, made from the enamel surrounding the tooth’s pulp and root. Receiving a crown usually requires two separate procedures. The initial procedure involves your dentist using a drill to remove most of the tooth enamel to create the abutment. Afterwords, an impression of the abutment and neighboring teeth is made. This is sent to a dental lab that carefully creates your crown. A temporary crown over the abutment to protect it while your permanent crown is being made.

The second procedure is usually brief. Dr. Groover will simply removes the temporary crown and cements the permanent crown in place restoring your smile.

If you have a tooth with severely damaged enamel or concerns that you might need a crown, please feel free to call us here at Groover Family Dentistry, by calling 912-354-9541 located in Savannah Georgia to schedule an appointment. We are always happy to make you smile.