An Insider’s Look at the Process of Amalgam Fillings

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Amalgam fillings are a strong and dependable solution for anyone who has a large cavity, particularly on their back molars. The material is made up of a combination of metals. If you are preparing to get an amalgam filling, you may be interested to hear about the process. We’ll break it down for you:

First, Dr. Groover will administer an anesthetic to your tooth and its surrounding areas. This will help you avoid any possible stress and pain.

Once the area is fully numb, Dr. Groover will use a special tool to remove any decayed enamel from your tooth. Then he will carefully clean the tooth to make sure there is no more bacteria in the area. If the decay was close to the tooth’s root, your dentist will place a special material in the tooth to guard the nerve.

Next, Dr. Groover will fill the tooth with a strong metal called amalgam, after which he will harden the filling, finish and polish it. Finally, he will make sure the amalgam fits perfectly in your bite. If needed, he will continue to trim and shape it until it is the perfect match for your smile.

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