Cavities: Is It Sugar?

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You probably learned your dental hygiene habits as a young person. But now as an adult, you have some questions that went unanswered. Do you really need to limit your sugar? Is it sugar that causes cavities?

This is a good question. The more you know about cavities and how they form, the more prepared you are to NOT get them. The short answer to your question is: yes and no. Sugar intake is related to cavity formation, but the cavity itself is actually formed by acid.

What is a cavity? Though there are some exceptions, cavities are holes in your tooth enamel caused by enamel erosion due to acid (some damage to enamel could come from an oral injury).

So, if cavities come from acids, how does sugar play into it? The bacteria in your mouth actually eat sugars that are in food. They create an acidic byproduct which eventually erodes the enamel. Acids in foods and drinks can also cause enamel erosion more directly. Accompany highly acidic beverages, such as wine and sports drinks, with a tall glass of water.

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