Dental Fillings: Amalgam or Composite?

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Do you have a cavity that needs to be filled? Are you trying to decide which kind of filling you should get? If you are, we would like to assist you by telling you a little bit about amalgam and composite fillings and why both of them can be beneficial to you.

Amalgam fillings are made by using a mixture of different metals including silver and mercury. The fillings are incredibly strong and can last ten years or longer. However, because of their composition, they will not blend in with your teeth. These fillings may often be used on back teeth like molars because of their strength. Amalgam fillings may cost less than composite fillings.

Composite fillings are made from a mixture of fine glass and plastic and is meant to match your natural teeth. Because they can match the color of your teeth, these fillings are often chosen for fillings on teeth that are visible when you smile. They can be applied directly to the cavity and then the composite resin is hardened, and it bonds directly to the tooth. While composite fillings can be stronger than amalgam fillings, they can chip and wear over time, and can become stained.

Perhaps the best way to determine which filling would work best for your smile would be to make an appointment with Dr. Michael J. Groover by calling 912-354-9541 to discuss your options. At Groover Family Dentistry, we want to help protect your smile for years to come in Savannah, Georgia.