Principles Concerning Dental Fillings

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When your tooth enamel is damaged, holes can begin to manifest. When a hole digs clear into the tooth’s root, it is known as a cavity. Luckily, there is a dental procedure to treat cavities known as dental fillings. Two of the most helpful types of dental fillings are dental amalgams and composite fillings.

For a better understanding of the basics, listed below are principles concerning both types of dental fillings:

-Composites are highly beneficial in treating small and medium-sized cavities.
-Dental amalgams have been in use for over a century with a proven track record of success.
-Dental amalgams work by using a combination of durable metals together, which are then bound together with mercury. The mixture of metals ensures your filling will be durable enough to protect against future cavities.
-Unlike dental amalgams, composites do not need to be taken out if they crack or are damaged. As a substitute, you can repair or apply the new filling directly over top of the old one.
-Dental amalgams are very successful at treating large and oversized cavities.
-Composite fillings, also known as tooth-colored fillings, can easily blend in with the natural color of your teeth.

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