Dental Health 101: Tooth Extractions

Even though we believe that the best place for your teeth is in your smile, there may be times when a tooth needs to be extracted. We may do everything we can to save that tooth, but it could be beyond aid as a result of an oral trauma or dental decay. In order to protect your dental health, the... read more »

How to Heal from a Tooth Extraction

Getting a tooth extraction can be a difficult or stressful process. The idea of having a tooth pulled is daunting, but there are many treatment methods that help the process move along, as well as offer permanent replacements to restore your smile afterward. Knowing what to do before and after an extraction is a crucial step to ensure your smile... read more »

Tips for Recovering from Multiple Tooth Extractions

Needing a partial, dentures, or having multiple teeth that have suffered from advanced tooth decay might require multiple tooth extractions. A multiple extraction procedure is usually an outpatient procedure. In many cases your dentist might refer you to an oral surgeon that can put you under sedation to help you be more comfortable. If you will be sedated you might... read more »